Today’s Woman: Discusses Diabetes and how it affects women, with Dr. Behrooz Davani, Researcher at NIH .

News and Views: The latest on: President Bush saying he hopes to advance peace efforts in next week's Midle East trip, Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki saying he is ready to form a national unity government, Hamas rejecting the European Union’s offer for an indirect meeting with Israel to discuss a possible truce.

Roundtable: Hosts Ms. Mansoureh Peernia, Author of “Story of Farrokhroo Parsa” to discuss her book.

Late Edition: Top Story: Pakistan/US Terror: Former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's political party continues to call for a United Nations investigation into her assassination. Opposition parties have condemned the government's decision to delay parliamentary elections until February 18th, due to the rioting following Ms. Bhutto's death. But the opposition groups say they will participate in the elections, which were originally set for January eighth.

NewsTalk: NewsTalk hosts Dr. Mehran Barati from Berlin, Mr. Ali Afshari in Washington, Mr Hassan Mansour, and Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh. They will discuss the latest events of Iran.