Today's Woman interviews psychologist Dr. Leila Hashemi on the phenemenom of "histrionic personality disorder" among women.

News & Views. We lead the broadcast with coverage of and reactions to the unfolding events in Kenya and Pakistan. Correspondent Bijan Farhoodi will have domestic reaction the situations, as well as the State Dept’s comments on the travel warning issued yesterday to American citizens and dual citizens traveling to Iran. State Dept spokesman David Foley will join us live to discuss what gave rise to and what factors led to the issuance of the travel warning. He will also comment on State’s reaction to Iran’s Supreme Leader saying there is no benefit to Iran resuming ties with the US at this time. Live report from the Iowa Caucuses from congressional correspondent Siamak Deghanpour. Michele Dunne, from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, will join us live on set in the first hour to discuss the thawing of relations between Cairo and Tehran and its implications for US foreign policy in the region. An official at Iran's Interior Ministry says the estimated 1.5 million Afghan refugees illegally living in the country could face arrest and detention for up to five years. He says Iranian officials now have legal authority to begin moving unregistered refugees into detention camps.

Roundtable. Mr. Sasan Kamali, a radio and television journalist from Los Angeles, discusses the Iowa Caucuses. Live report from correspondent Siamak Deghanpour in Iowa.

Late Edition leads with the Iowa Caucuses.

NewsTalk. Managing editor Ali Sajaadi and correspondent Bijan Farhoodi with join Mr. Charlangi live in the DC studio. A live report from stringer Ali Javanmardi from Ankara, Turkey. Live report from correspondent Siamak Dehganpour in Iowa. Stringer Ahmed Rafat live on the phone from Rome. Topics include the Iowa Caucuses, the State Department's travel warnings on Iran, the British Foreign Minister's call for further sanctions on Iran and the lastest on the situations in Pakistan and Kenya.