Today's Woman hosts a year-ender discussion on significant news in 2007.

News & Views will lead the broadcast with the latest out of Pakistan with a focus on the main opposition parties’ reaction to reports that Pervez Musharraf has suggested that the election could be postponed, perhaps for months. VOA Islamabad stringer Ayaz Gul will join us live on the phone to give us the latest on events on the ground. We will air an exclusive interview with Benazir Bhutto conducted here at VOA last March 12, Women’s Day.. In this interview Bhutto had a “message for the women of the world.” She claimed that this was the year for women to move forward, that their voices would be heard, and that nothing would stop them. From Inside Iran we will have an interview with a student who is representing 6 students from Esfahan University who are involved in a hunger strike. We will also talk to the spouse of an Azerbaijani activist that was sentenced to be lashed and transferred to prison today.

Rountable hosts Dr. Esmail Nouriala, a poet and writer from Denver, to discuss the new secularism in Iran and the launching of his website, "New Secularism."

Late Edition reports on the upcoming Caucus/Primaries in the 2008 Presidential election and the Democratic candidates. 

NewsTalk discusses a review in Iranian human rights in 2007 with Sufi spokesmen Mr. Mostafa Azmayesh, Masoud Vahedi, and contributor Elahe Hicks.