Today’s Woman features journalist and women’s rights activist Fariba Davoudi-Mohajer. The topics included a discussion of women and political power in Iran and the Subcontinent, Benazir Bhutto’s legacy, and women’s involvement in the elections in Kenya.

News and Views will lead the broadcast with the funeral of Benazir Bhutto, world reactions to the events, and a comprehensive year ender on Pakistan.We will offer UN reax to the Bhutto events including an interview with Senator Anwar Beig, a high official of Pakistan’s People's Party. He was a close colleague and an ally of Bhutto's.VoA Islamabad stringer Ayaz Gul gives NaV the latest update of events on the ground from Pakistan.Vali Nasr-- Tufts University professor, Council on Foreign Relations member, and author who has written about Pakistan, will join us live on the phone to offer his analysis on what the assassination means for the country and the region. State Dept. spokesman David Foley will be here live to discuss what impact will these events may have on the planned elections in Pakistan, what do we know of the role of al Qaeda in the assassination, and what impact might these events have any on the US financial assistance to Pakistan.

Roundtable features Dr. Nourizadeh from London to discuss the events surrounding Benazir Bhutto’s assasination

Late Edition highlights include the US reaction to Benazir Bhutto's assasination yesterday,a look at today's soccer in Iran while the medical segment will discuss obesity in children and the effects of secondhand smoking.

Newstalk will feature our monthly “Face to Face” installment. Today’s installment will feature an interview with Iranian political activist and analyst Dr Hassan Massali, will discuss his life.