Today's Woman hosts local real estate agent Mehri Bayat to discuss her life and career in both Iran and America and the balance of career and family.

News & Views: Israeli and Palestinian negotiators have started the first formal peace talks in seven years. The meeting comes two weeks after pledges by the two sides' leaders at Annapolis to seek a deal on a Palestinian state by the end of 2008. Guest Greg Myre, Adjunct Scholar Middle East Institute, will join us live on set to discuss the Annapolis process in action. A group of EU Parliamentarians travel to Iran to survey human rights. Their report will be published today. The group also assessed Iran’s nuclear program and their findings are another component of the report. We interview Abdol Karim Lariji, Chair of the International Human Rights Society in Paris to discuss the recent execution of youth for a crime he committed when he was 13. We also talk with the mother of a jailed women’s rights activist about her daughter’s situation in detention.

Roundtable The History of Iranian Commercial Aviation with author & historian Abbas Atrvash.

Late Edition reports on the Karen Hughes and her departure from the State Department.

NewsTalk hosts contributors Mohsen Sarzgara & Alireza Nourizadeh to discuss the latest news on Iran and the region.