Today's Woman discusses international Human Rights Day with human rights attorney Merangiz Kar.

News & Views Comprehensive coverage of International Human Rights day which will include a package that rounds up many of the global reports and activities that pertain to this, the 60th anniversary of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Human rights lawyer Dr. Heda Matin-Daftary will be our guest live from Paris to discuss human rights both inside Iran and globally. We also will have interviews with prominent human rights activist Dr. Karim Lahiji from Paris. NaV also includes discussion of the State Department’s Human Rights report. State Dept spokesman David Foley will join us live from the State Dept to discuss their findings, as well as to comment on student demonstrations in Iran. Students have expressed their anger over a recent government crackdown on activists around the country. VOA stringer Mohammad Reza Shahid will be live on the phone from Paris to discuss the shooting death of a young French tourist by a known criminal in the Iranian city of Isfahan, one of the country's main tourist draws.

Roundtable: Dr. Mohammad Parvin, Director of Mission for the Establishment of Human Rights in Iran, discusses the state of human rights in Iran.

Late Edition reports on International Human Rights Day and recent student demonstrations in Iran with Koroush Sehati, a former student activist and current PNN producer.

NewsTalk hosts Reza Moeni from Reporters Without Borders live from Paris, human rights activist Akbar Atri in the studio, and various phoners from within Iran to talk about human rights.