Today’s Woman: Discusses health issues: Flu/ Cold.

News and Views: The latest on: Northern Irish rivals meeting President Bush, Gates calling Iran a threat to Middle East, Mediators saying Kosovo Negotiations Deadlocked. Dr. Bahman Aghaii Diba is the guest on set in Washington.

Roundtable: Discusses Islamic Republic of Iran’s position after new US intelligence report -- with Dr. Abbas Milani, head of The Center for Persian Studies at Stanford University.

Late Edition: Hosts Babak Namdar, computer expert to discuss Filtering and Internet censorship in Iran.

NewsTalk: NewsTalk hosts Ali Afshari on set, and Dr. Mehran Barati live from Berlin. They will discuss Iran week in review (Iran Nuclear update, human rights, and foreign relations). Mr. Ali Rahimi, and Mr. Ali Vaghfi will also join us by phone from Iran. Mr. Rahimi is from the organization of defenders of Human Rights in Iran, and Mr. Vaghfi is a student activist.