Today's Woman discusses self esteem and freedom of thought with psychologist Farzaneh Sabetan.

News & Views: The broadcast will include comments from President Bush who said Iran “must come clean” on its nuclear program, and sound from Nicholas Burns and Secretary of State Rice, who say the US will continue to push for a new round of sanctions on Iran. We also have comments from IAEA head Elbaradei and Russia’s foreign minister. A pre-taped interview with Alex Vantanka, Managing editor of Janes's Islamic Affairs analysis and Jane's Intelligence Digest. Dr. John Calabrese will join us live on set to discuss the ramifications of the report. Dr. Calabrese is a political science professor at American University in Washington DC, and the Book Review Editor of the Mid East Institute's Middle East Journal.

Roundtable hosts Mehdi Kuhestaninejad, Director of Middle East and Asia, Conference of Canadian Labor Congress to discuss the pressure on Iranian labor unions and the latest on jailed labor leader Mansour Osanloo.

Late Edition reports on the US Supreme Court deliberations over the rights of prisoners being held at Guantanamo Bay. 

NewsTalk hosts contributors Ahmad Rafat, Ali Javanmardi from Turkey and PNN managing editor Ali Sajjadi to discuss the NIE report and its international reaction. Addtional topics will include meetings in Egypt leading up to this weekend's EU/Africa summit in Lisbon, Portugal.