Today’s Woman will interview Mehrnaz Afkhmai, founder of Woman’s Learning Partnership for Rights, Development and Peace, and discuss women’s rights in Iran.

Today’s News and Views will have comprehensive coverage of the release of yesterday’s NIE report on Iran’s “nuclear intentions and capabilities,” will cover all aspects of the report. We will include sound from yesterday’s briefing from Stephen Hadley, and from the State Dept we will have a live interview with State Dept Spokesman David Foley. NaV will carry live President Bush’s speech this morning where he is expected to comment on the NIE report. Dr. Reza Taghizadeh, a London based expert on Iran, and Professor at Glascow University, will be watching the President’s speech and will offer immediate reaction and analysis. Included in our coverage is bipartisan reaction the Hill, as well as reax from Israeli officials, Chinese officials, and the world press. NaV will also conduct interviews from inside Iran regarding the reaction in the country, and we will ask our viewers for their email responses to the report’s findings

Roundtable will discuss getting by internet censorship walls in Iran with VOA information technology head Ken Berman.

Late Edition’s top story is President Bush’s press conference and the NIE report. Later the program will profile the film the Savages, have a segment on Iranian sports, and profile a golf course in Kabul Afghanistan.

Newstalk will discuss the NIE report: Iran: Nuclear Intentions and capabilities and how these developments may affect the relationship between Iran and America. Another subject is the presence of President Ahmadinejad in Doha(GCC) conference. Guests today include Bijan Kian on set and Naser Mohamedi from London.