Today's Woman interviews Iranian born poet and human rights activist Sheema Kalbasi.

News & Views: In the Washington Report we will follow up on our reporting yesterday that China has for the first time indicated clear support for a new package of United Nations sanctions against Iran, breaking months of deadlock inside the UN security council over how to respond to Tehran's nuclear program. Valerie Lincy will join us live on set the first hour to talk about new developments in Iran Nukes and developments over the weekend regarding the IAEA and EU meetings regarding Iran's nukes. Valerie is an associate researcher at the Wisconsin Project a Washington DC based institute that's associated with the University of Wisconsin. We interview somebody arrested with union activist workers at the Haft Tappeh sugar factory. It’s claimed they were detained after they gave interviews to other members of the foreign press.

Roundtable With You: VOA political correspondent Jim Malone provides an overview of campaign '08, the presidential candidates, their standing in the polls and how Iran is factoring as a major issue.

Late Edition airs a house package "How America Elects" on the influence of television advertising by special interest groups on american presidential campaigns.

NewsTalk: The latest on the human rights situation in Iran with contributor Elahe Hicks, antiquities specialist Shorokh Mirzadeghi and Amnesty International's Drewery Dyke.