Today's Woman hosts psychologist Dr. Homa Mahmoodi to discuss women and self esteem.

News & Views: In our Washington report we’ll have comprehensive post Annapolis summit coverage including the Bush/Olmert/Abbas Rose garden comments/photo op, sound from Israeli and Palestinian negotiators, and statements from the US congress on the summit. Guita will report on the announcement that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice tapped a former NATO commander on Wednesday to serve as a special U.S. envoy for Middle East security. Joining us live in the studio to discuss these issues and other news of the day is Paul Scham, Adjunct Scholar, Middle East Institute. From inside Iran we will interview the mother of an arrested student activist. He was taken from his home 20 days ago. His mother has conversed with him on the phone from prison and she feels his situation is grim.

Roundtable hosts contributor Alireza Nourizadeh to discuss the history of Middle East Peace summits.

Late Edition reports on the upcoming anniversary of the creation of Israel by the United Nations.

NewsTalk hosts its weekly journalist roundtable to discuss the Annapolis conference.