Today's Woman focuses on several prominent women around the world including Condoleeza Rice & actress Nicole Kidman, their leadership, influence and humanitarian causes. Domestic violence is also discussed.

Leading News & Views today will be coverage of post meeting commentary from this week's Annapolis conference. We'll run clips from Sec. State Rice’s presser and Olmert’s interview with Jim Lehrer, as well as sound from the Israeli and Palestinian reps, the EU foreign minister, and the British, French, German, and Spanish representatives. We will have a live interview from the State Dept. with Near East Affairs Deputy Chief Daniel del Castillo to discuss the Annapolis conference and other news of the day. John Myre will join us for analyze. Myre is an American journalist who reported for The New York Times from Jerusalem until February 2007. We will follow up on our report yesterday that Iran's Supreme Court has agreed to reopen the investigation into the 2003 death of Iranian-born Canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi at a Tehran prison. We will interview a sociologist in Iran to discuss alcohol and drug use among Iranian youth. An Iranian think tank released a report recently outlining the stats on such use.

Roundtable hosts Israeli journalist Menache Amir to discuss the Annapolis conference and the Iran factor.

Late Edition reports on the latest from the crisis in Pakistan. 

NewsTalk focuses on the Annapolis Conference and Iran's position vis a vis the meetings. Contributers include Mohsen Sarzgara and Dr Alireza Nourizadeh.