Today's Woman discussed the work and influence of two prominent twentieth century artists, Frida Kahlo and Margaret Duras.

News & Views: In today’s Washington report we preview of the Middle East peace conference in Annapolis; a report on the arrivals of the various delegations and with soundbites from the Israeli and Palestinian representatives, as well as reactions to the announcement that the Syrians plan to attend. Iranian President Ahmadinejad criticized the conference to be held in the United States, saying he was "sorry" that some Arab leaders decided to attend this meeting, specifically chiding Saudi Arabia for taking part in the meeting, after Arab participation in the event left Tehran isolated. An preview interview with Middle East adjunct scholar Allen Keiswetter. We will have a packaged interview of an Iranian lawyer and legal expert about the bail process in Iran, and specifically about how bail amounts have been increasing dramatically for those charged with political activism. Today’s show also includes an interview with a student activist and assistant chair of the Islamic Association of Alameh University who will address the growing investigations and detentions of student protestors.A phoner from Turkish stringer Ali Javanmardi.

Roundtable discusses challenges confronting the Islamic Republic of Iran with Iranian journalist Ahmad Ahrar and Dr. Mohammad Jasemi, a professor of political science in Germany.

Late Edition reports on demonstrations against Venezualen President Hugo Chavez regarding that country's constitution

NewsTalk host human rights activists Elahe Hicks, Lily Mazahery & Mariam Memarsadeghi to discuss the Annapolis Conference, prisoner hunger strikes and journalist censorship in Iran.