Today's Woman will discuss the challanges faced by single mothers in general, but specifically single mothers in Iran. The show will be joined by psychologist Dr. Noushin Sabiti, live from Los Angeles

News and Views today will offer live reporting from and coverage of the IAEA meetings in Vienna. Correspondent Ali Farhoodi will file on the conclusion of talks concerning Iran's nuclear program. Will have the latest from Pakistan, inclucing coverage of that country's angrily rejected its suspension from the Commonwealth, a group of mainly former British colonies. The group said the sanction was justified and would stand until democracy was restored in Pakistan. Mohsen M. Milani joins us live on the phone to discuss the upcoming Annapolis Mid East conference. Professor Milani is Chair of the Department of Government and International Affairs at the University of South Florida in Tampa, and was a research fellow at Harvard University, Oxford University's St. Antony’s College in England.

Roundtable joined by PNN correspondent and doctor Vahid Behravan, and doctor Shideh Rezaei who will discuss the various diseases that afflict some of the citizens of Iran.

Today's Late Edition will feature a piece on presidential debates in the US and why are they essential in the campaign process, also a story on the latest developments in stem cell research and the entertainment piece will look at the recent performance of Israeli group Rockfour in New York City.

On today's NewsTalk we are joined by host Vafa Mostaghim and NaV's Hill correspondent Siamak Dehghanpour who discuss the week in foreign policy with contributors Shayan Samii, and Amir Gandjbacksh.