Today's Woman discussed the Thanksgiving holiday's origins, traditions, and aspects.

The top story of News and Views coverage was a live report from correspondent Ali Farhoodi at the IAEA meetings in Vienna, Austria. The meetings concluded that Iran is making some progress in resolving suspicions about past nuclear activities but must do more before the IAEA can verify important aspects of the country's nuclear program. In other news we covered the ongoing situation in Pakistan and other developments concerning the upcoming Annapolis MidEast conference. Georgetown University adjunct professor, Caspian energy analyst, and PNN contributor Rob Sobhani joined us live on the phone to discuss his trip to the OPEC meetings in Saudi Arabia, the recent Iran/Turkey energy deal, and Iranian President Ahmadinejad's meeting with Venezuela's leader Hugo Chavez. Rounding out this holiday show was a package on the meaning of Thanksgiving.

Roundtable profiled film producer Masood Raof. Mr. Raof joined us live from Los Angeles to discuss political cinema in Iran.

Late Edition discussed latest developments in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, featured a piece on the Thanksgiving Macy's Parade in New York and a story on the US Visa Lottery.

NewsTalk consisted of the regular Thursday journalist's roundtable, where PNN reporters from London, Vienna, Paris, and Washington discussed the week past, and coming, in news.