Today's Woman hosts Roshanak Bahramlou to discuss "women and photography."

News & Views: EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana will brief the 27 ministers today on the EU's options on Iran, as France and Britain argue for new penalties and whether to push for new sanctions to try to force Tehran to stop enriching uranium. Iran is far from acquiring a nuclear weapon, and despite U.S. fears about its atomic intentions, an American military strike against the Islamic Republic is unlikely, former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Sunday. We will have an interview with a spokesman of The Human Rights Defender Association in Iran regarding their recent quarterly review of human rights in Iran. Dr. Rodney Jones will be live on set to discuss the threat of "loose nukes" in Pakistan, reports of a secret US/Pakistani program to keep nukes secure, etc. Dr. Jones is President of Policy Architects International, a consulting firm in Virginia that covers strategic, international security and Asian development issues.

Roundtable hosts Dr. Jamshid Elist, a urologist and member of American Surgeon Association and American Board of urology, to discuss news methods of combating prostate cancer.

Late Edition reports on the '08 Republican primary in New Hampshire.

NewsTalk hosts human rights activist Elahe Hicks, plus three callers from Iran: a political activist, a woman's rights activist and a spokesman for the committee to protect political prisoners. A discussion of human rights in Iran and how it plays out in the West's dealings with Iran's nuclear program.