Today's Woman: Topic: Working women and the obstacles.

News and Views: U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte Calls on Pervez Musharraf to Lift Emergency Rule; US, Afghan Forces Kill 43 Taliban Fighters in Southern Afghanistan; Turkish Police Clash With Supporters of Pro-Kurdish Party; Bernard Kouchner, French Foreign Minister, meets Tzipi Livni, his Israeli counterpart; British Foreign Minister meets with his Palestinian counterpart. Journalist Sayyed Ahson Saeed Hasan joins us to discuss the current situation in Pakistan. Dr. Anvari also join us to discuss top stories as well as developments with regards to Iran.

Round Table: Roundtable will host Dr. Hossein Shahidi, professor of Communications Sciences to discuss journalism in and its challenges after revolution in Iran.

Late Edition: Top Story: Profile of Mike Huckabee, Republican Presidential Candidate. We will host Dr. Naveed Mostofi, epilepsy expert to discuss Multiple Sclerosis.

NewsTalk: Newstalk features Dr. Cyrus Amoozgar from Paris, Dr. Mehrdad Khonsari from London, and Mr. Ali Javanmardi VOA’s reporter from Turkey. We will discuss OPEC Conference in Saudi Arabia; Hugo. Chavez, Venezuela President’s trip to Iran; the latest on Iran’s nuclear program; US Energy Secretary in Turkey, and the impact of opening of natural gas pipeline from Turkey to Greece on Iran’s natural gas and oil exp