Today's Woman discusses post-partum depression with psychologist Homa Mahmodi.

News & Views: Washington Report will set the scene for the release of the IAEA’s report on Iran’s alleged nuclear weapon’s program. Our State correspondent will offer coverage of various domestic and international news agency’s reporting on the issue, and she will have the comments of U.S. IAEA envoy Gregory L. Schulte, who said the US will keep pushing for harsher sanctions, even if the IAEA reports partial cooperation by Iran. State Dept. spokesman David Foley will join live on set to day to discuss the State Dept’s reaction to the planned release of the report. We will also report on the director of national intelligence saying that he does not plan to make public any of the key findings of a soon-to-be-completed assessment on Iran's nuclear program. Mike McConnell said to do so could expose U.S. intelligence capabilities and enable Iran to change its practices. An interview with a Reporters without Borders spokesman on press freedoms in Iran's Kurdish region.

Roundtable hosts Iranian-American opera singer Monika Jalili. Jalili's group, Noorsaaz, weaves Persian, English & French lyrics to bring to life the rich culture of Persian music and poetry.

Late Edition reports on the media's role in the current Pakistan crisis.

NewsTalk hosts contributor Nazanin Ansari, stringer Mohammad Reza Chahid and PNN managing editor Ali Sajjadi to discuss the latest news on Iran and a British MP delegation traveling in Iran.