Today's Woman explores women in philanthropy and reports on a recent Susan G. Komen Foundation For the Cure event, an organization dedicated to combating breast cancer, featuring the former Queen of Iran, Farah Pahlavi.

News & Views: In the Washington Report we’ll cover British Prime Minister Gordon Brow’s pledge to press for tough new sanctions on Iran's oil and natural gas industries, and stressing Britain's close ties to the United States. Brown warned Tehran that unless reports on its contested nuclear program show signs of progress, he will push the European Union and United Nations for tighter sanctions. Pakistani journalist and writer Ahmed Rashid will join us live by phone to talk about the situation in Pakistan. State Department spokesman David Foley live from State. He will discuss the trip of Treasury undersecretary Stuart Levey to China. Levey has been discussing tougher financial measures against Iran with his Chinese counterparts.

Roundtable discusses the crackdown on student protests in Iran with student activists Akbar Atri, Kianoush Sanjari and Mohammedeh Sadeghi. An update on jailed labor leader Mansor Osanloo from a Canadian labor representative.

Late Edition reports on Veterans Day celebrations around the country, plus a report on the decrease in violence in Iraq.

NewsTalk hosts Mr. Nasser Mohammadi, deputy editor of Kayhan London and university professor Shaheen Fatemi to discuss the latest news concerning Iran.