Today's Woman interviews Hilda Hashempour, an actress and filmmaker.

News & Views: We’ll have the latest on the unfolding situation in Pakistan. Sec of State Rice has called Musharraf’s announcement that elections will go through in January a positive step, but says overall “this is not a perfect situation” and that emergency rule should be lifted soon. We also report on Sec. Rice’s claims that the recent Iran resolution does not mean war, and that “if the Iranians suspend their enrichment and reprocessing, I'm prepared to meet my counterpart anyplace, anytime, anywhere." Our live guest is Mr. Ashraf Haidari Mr. Haidari is the Counselor for Political, Security, and Development Affairs at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington, DC, and will join us to discuss a host of regional issues. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday lashed out at "traitors," who he said were pressuring the government over its nuclear program. "If domestic agents do not abandon their pressures regarding nuclear issues, they will be exposed to the Iranian nation," Ahmadinejad told students, professors and officials of Iran's University of Science and Technology in eastern Tehran. At least 3 students were arrested while protesting outside the university.

Roundtable hosts Mr. Sam Ghandchi, an author and engineer, on the phenomena of artificial intelligence.

Late Edition reports on the Middle East peace process summit held this weekend in Cairo.

NewsTalk discusses the latest news with contributor Elahe Hicks and Mr. Esfandiar Monfaredzadeh, a musician and artist. A report from Iran, a spokesman for the committee of political prisoners, Mr. Mohvadi.