Today’s Woman: Discusses “Female Reporters” with Ms. Neda Farhat from Kabul and Ms. Elahe Boghrat from Berlin.

 News and Views: The latest on: Benazir Bhutto Ex Pakistani PM to meet and talk with People’s Party leaders, Bush and Germany's Merkel discuss Iran’s nuclear program, latest on bomb attack on a mini bus in Iraq, 6 NATO Troops, 3 Afghans Killed in insurgent ambush in Afghanistan, UN leader witnesses climate change effects in Antarctica, latest events inside Iran. The guests are Dr. Diba on set in Washington and Mr. Khonsari from London.

 Roundtable:  Interpol warrants for arrests of Iranian officials implicated in the bombing of the Jewish Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1994. Guest of the program is Dr. Iman Ansari from Paris, France

Late Edition: Guest of the program is Fereshteh Molavi, Iranian Canadian writer and journalist from Toronto, Canada Bio: In 1998 Fereshteh Molavi came to Toronto and since then has published some stories and articles in Toronto Iranian magazines Shahrvand and Sepidar, and a literary online site named Sokhan. She has also published a collaborative chapbook, with Canadian writer Karen Connelly, under the auspices of PEN Canada. She is currently living in New Haven, and working with Yale University to develop a Persian collection for the Sterling Memorial Library.

NewsTalk: Dr. Mehran Barati and Mr. Ali Afshari and Dr. Hossein Bagherzadeh. We will be discussing recent reaction to developments in Iran's pursuit of nuclear power as well as Iran's human rights violations in the past week.