Today’s Woman: Discusses “Women leaders” with Jalil Roshandel, Professor at East Carolina University.

News and Views: The latest on Iraq’s neighbor conference in Turkey from our anchors Setareh Derakhshesh and Bijan Farhoodi reporting live from the conference in Istanbul, Angela Merkel’s surprise visit to Afghanistan, the start of the process of taking apart North Korea's nuclear facilities on Monday, flooding in Mexico, latest news on UN sanctions on Iran, 48 Pakistani soldiers being freed. Our guest is Dr. Bahman Aghaii Diba on the set in Washington.

 Roundtable: The topic is the Iraq Neighbors Conference and its outcome, featuring a discussion with Ali Javanmardi, who joins host Bijan Farhoodi live from Istanbul. Guests include Reza Shojaie from Ezmir, Turkey and Aref Kaskin from Ankara, Turkey.

Late Edition: Top story is US public diplomacy and the rsignation of Karen Hughes. The guests of the program are Naveed and Omeed, pop singers from Germany.

 NewsTalk: Mehran Barati , Ali Afshari, Diane Alaii and Ali Rahimi discuss a wrap up of the weekly inside Iran news, with focus on Human Rights.