Today's Woman discusses the scourge of human trafficking in Iran.

News & Views: Former Greek politician and Regional Expert Peter B Sparthis will join us to give analysis of what a Turkish incursion into N. Iraq could mean for the region, and how Iran plays into all of this. Journalist Arnold DeBorgrave discusses the bombings and assassination attempt on Benazir Bhutto. An interview with a worker/activist involved in a recent strike in Southwest Iran.

Roundtable hosts the head of the Iranian Researchers Association Hossein Lavavardi to discuss the plight of youth in Iran.

Late Edition hosts Dr. Reza Morodi, the first Iranian Canadian to be elected for Ontario's parliament this week.

NewsTalk holds its Friday roundup of U.S. foreign policy towards Iran with Siamak Deghanpour, Shayan Samaii and Washington Prism's Babak Yektafar.