Today's Woman explores the history of women's empowerment in the political arena.

News & Views: The Caspian energy conference opens in Tehran. Russian president Vladimir Putin has criticised what he said were international efforts to “intimidate” Iran into abandoning its nuclear programme, arguing that Tehran would not respond to such pressure. “They [the Iranian government] cannot be frightened, believe me.” We speak to Dr. Eugene Rumor, a Russian specialist at the National Defense University regarding Putin's role at the conference. Energy analyst Rob Sophani discusses the conference and its regional importance. We speak with the mother of an imprisoned student from Sasaneg University who was arrested last week. His current condition and reason for arrest are unknown. We interview a spokesman of a human rights organization on the circumstances surrounding the arrest of prisoner rights and anti-death penalty activist Emaddedin Baghi.

Roundtable hosts economist (Central Connecticut State University, Dean of the Business College) Siamak Shojaee, to discuss Iran's economy.

Late Edition reports on Putin's trip to Tehran for the Caspian energy conference.

NewsTalk hosts Mr. Parviz Dastmalchi and Nasser Mohammadi to discuss Vladimir Putin's trip to Caspian energy conference in Tehran and other current news.