Today’s Woman will discuss the obstacles women in Iran confront in film and other arts.

News & Views will cover reports of an assassination plot against Russian President Putin as he travels to Tehran for talks about Caspian Sea rights. On the eve of these meetings, we talk with Russia and Caspian energy expert Guive Mirfrendeki about the “plot” reports and what’s at stake for Iran during these meetings. We will also interview the attorney of Emadeddin Baghi, the head of an Iranian human rights group who was arrested two days ago on charges of violating national security. Joining us live on set is John O’Sullivan to discuss British politics vis a vis Iran. O’Sullivan is with the Hudson Insitute, the former Editor in Chief of UPI, and was once special advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. NaV will update the continuing Iran debates on the Hill and in the presidential campaigns, as leaders assert that Pres. Bush does not have the authority to launch a preemptive strike against Iran, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims she has no plans to bring up a Senate resolution asking the Bush administration to declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a foreign terrorist organization.

Roundtable hosts Farbod Talouie, a researcher from the London School of Economics. He will be here to discuss the militarization of the Islamic Republic.

Late Edition delves into Russian President Putin’s trip to Iran to discuss Caspian energy issues, and reports of an assassination plot against him while there.

Newstalk discusses the latest in human rights violations in Iran with activists Roya Toloui and Elahe Hicks.