Today's Woman examines women in the workplace.

News & Views: Mohsen Sazgara, one of the founders of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, will join us live to discuss Iran’s Ambassador to Iraq, Kazemi Qommi and his Revolutionary Guard connections. This will kick off NaV’s weekly segment on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and it's spheres of influence. Scott Carpenter of the Washington Institute for Near East policy joins us live on set to discuss what he sees as this administration's obligation to support the labor strikes, growing popular unrest, and programs promoting democracy in Iran. At WINEP he focuses on empowering Arab moderates and liberals in their struggles against extremism. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and US Defence Secretary Robert Gates meet Russian leaders Friday for talks on the Iran nuclear showdown, US missile defence plans and other disputes chilling East-West relations.

Roundtable hosts Shahrzad Ardalan, a Persian journalist in Los Angeles, to discuss the importance of Persian language media for immigrants.

Late Edition reports on fmr. Vice President Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize Award.

NewsTalk hosts VOA congressional correspondent Siamak Dehganpour and contributor Shayan Samaii for our Friday wrap-up of the week's major U.S.-Iranian and regional news.