Today's Woman examines women in sports.

News & Views: An interview with Christina Galluch, spokeswoman for Javier Solana, live from a European Union studios in Brussels. The topic of the interview will be the EU's views about the possibility of more sanctions on Iran. John O' Sullivan, of the Hudson Institute, and former editor in Chief of UPI, and former special advisor to Margaret Thatcher, will join us live on set to discuss British politics and US/Brit relations vis a vis Iran.

Roundtable hosts Patrick Clawson, from the Washington Institute for Near Institute Policy, to U.S.-Iranian relations; French President Nicholas Sarkozy's trip to Russia and Iran's ambassador to Baghdad.

Late Edition reports on French President Nicholas Sarkozy's trip to Russia.

NewsTalk hosts fmr. founder of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps Mohsen Sazgara and contributor Alireza Nourizadeh to discuss Iran and the Middle East: Latest news and events; Iran-student demonstrations; Update on Lebanon.