Today's Woman examines "women empowering" businesses.

News & Views: More on the student protests against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Justin Vaisse, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies US/Europe, Brookings Institution, joins us to discuss EU-Iran relations. He will join us live from the Brookings studio to discuss France, Germany, and the rest of the EU's policies towards Iran. Human rights attorney Merangiz Kar discusses International Children's Day and its signifigance with respect to Iran. Live report from our Paris stringer who is traveling with French President Nicholas Sarkozy in Russia for his meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Roundtable hosts VOA contributor Alireza Nourizadeh to review the student protests against President Ahmadinejad. A phoner a student in Tehran who participated in the protests.

Late Edition reports on British PM Gordon Brown's speech to the Parliament this week.

NewsTalk examines the current student demonstration in Iran and what it means politically for Ahmadinejad with contributor and Kayhan-London deputy editor Nasser Mohammadi and Ilan Berman, Vice President with the American Foreign Policy Council. A phoner with Israeli journalist Menashe Amir on Shimon Peres speech to the Knesset this week.