Today's Woman: Topic is adoption (including adoption laws in Iran, Iranian Americans adopting kids from Iran)

News and Views: The latest on Pakistan politics, Iraq and Iran. We are also reporting on Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert telling his cabinet Sunday that an upcoming US-sponsored Mideast peace conference would not replace direct negotiations with the Palestinians, and that he and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have reached no agreements or deals so far. On Afghanistan, Canadian Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier said on Saturday his country was committed to its mission in Afghanistan until 2011, despite recent Canadian opposition calls for troop withdrawal from the country. Our guests are Dr. Nourizadeh from London, Mr. Anvari on set in Washington and, Mr. Javanmardi by phone from Turkey.

Roundtable: Will discuss breaking the taboo of homosexuality in Iran with Farid Taherinejad from Toronto. Farid Haerinejad is a producer/editor at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. His work at the CBC includes national and international programs and shows.

Late Edition: Guest is Dr. Lajezardi, researcher. He will talk about the survery he is conducting with Iraninas inside and outside Iran. Top story: Roundup of news from Iran and Iraq

NewsTalk: Newstalk features Dr.Cyrus Amoozgar and Mr. Mehrdad Khonsari, discussing Iran's foreign policy, review of the latest news.