Today's Woman: Topic is Afghan women in Iran. Our Guest is Lina Rozbih, VOA anchor of TV ASHNA.

 News and Views: The latest on Pakistan politics, US State Department on Blackwater and Secretary of State Rice 's Iftar dinner, the latest on Iran, Afghan blast, Kosovo tension. Our guests are Dr. Ali Nourizadeh from London and Dr. Bahman Aghaii Diba on set in Washington.

Roundtable: Roundtable will discuss the state of Iranian Cinema with Professor Hamid Naficy on set in Washington. Hamid Naficy, teaches at Northwestern University. Professor Naficy received his Master of Fine Arts degree from UCLA in film and television production and his Ph.D. from UCLA in critical studies of film and television.

Late Edition: Top story: NRA candidates -- the politics of gun control in the U.S. Our guest, Farzin Farhadi, Iranian American Musician from Los Angeles, will talk about Molavi (Rumi) and modern music.

NewsTalk: Topic is a review of Iran events this week. Guests are Mr. Ali Afshari on the set in Washington and, Dr. Mehran Barati from Berlin.