Today's Woman discusses government and civil society.

News & Views. President Bush has tied his North Korea strategy to the Iran nuclear dispute, saying he might hold direct talks with Tehran on the condition it ceases its nuclear program. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner says Iran is close to mastering uranium enrichment which he said was a de facto military capacity. The European Union's top envoy warned Iran on Wednesday that the EU wanted to see progress in international negotiations over Tehran's nuclear program or risk new sanctions by the end of the year. Senator Clinton (D-NY) has signed on as a co-sponsor of legislation requiring formal congressional approval for any attack on Iran. The legislation, written by Virginia Senator Jim Webb, would bar the use of appropriated funds for war against Iran without authorization by the House and Senate.

Roundtable discusses the legal case of Gholam Nikbin vs. the Islamic Republic of Iran, in which Mr. Nikbin won a multimillion dollar lawsuit in a Washington court for damages against the Islamic Republic as a result of his imprisonment and torture.

Late Edition reports on the Korean penisula summit between North and South.

NewsTalk hosts contributor Elahe Bograt and Radio Farda stringer Mr. Ahmad Raafat to discuss the latest on Iran and the Middle East.