News & Views: Secretary Rice travels to the Middle East to, among other things, lay the groundwork for the upcoming international conference in DC and her remarks that the IAEA "is not in the business of diplomacy." Tuesday's hearing on the Saudi arms deal, which focused in part on the Kingdom’s relationship with Iran. Simon Henderson of the Washington Institute of Peace is booked for the 2nd hour to discuss Britain’s redeployment from Basra, a city some call an “Iranian Village.” The top US commander in Iraq General David Petraeus said last night he had no doubt that Iran was giving "lethal" support to Iraqi militias but that he had not sought to stop it by launching military operations inside Iran. He told he hoped Iran would eventually play a constructive role across the border.

Roundtable hosts Political activist Shariar Ahy to discuss EU relations with Iran and the push for independent sanctions outside of the UN.

Late Edition reports on recent comments by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney urging the United Nations to rescind its invitation to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak next week before the General Assembly.

NewsTalk hosts VOA contributor Alireza Nourizadeh and fmr. Revolutionary Guard founder Mohsen Sarzara to discuss recent news concerning Iran and its neighbors.