News & Views: Haleh Esfandiari returned to the United States on Thursday after being detained for eight months. Iran claimed it had finalized the deal with Russia to deliver fuel to Iran’s first nuclear power plant. Russia now denies this. Senate approved a foreign appropriations bill but did not approve all the funding for for civil-society and human rights projects in Iran. Senator Joe Lieberman called on lawmakers to grant the Bush administration the money it wants for democracy promotion in Iran. Legislation on Iran sections are blocked in the banking committee. Some members of the GOP claim such legislation could jeopardize relations with the EU. Sen Obama criticized the other aisle for inaction on these matters.

Roundtable discusses the recent rash of public executions in Iran with Mina Ahadi, spokeswoman for the International Committee Against Executions.

Late Edition profiles Senator and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (D-NY).

NewsTalk has a wrap up of US foreign policy towards Iran with VOA's Siamak Deghanpour, PNN contributor Shayan Samaii and University of Berlin Researcher Mehran Barati.