News & Views will report on General Pervez Musharraf's decision to step down as Pakistan's military chief according to former prime minister and opposition leader Benazir Bhutto who could return to run for Prime Minister in a power-sharing deal brokered between the two rivals. NAV will also talk to VOA's Turkish Service Chief, Taclan Suerdem, on Abdullah Gul's taking office as president earlier this week. Leaders of Serbia and Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority return to Vienna for last-chance talks on the fate of the breakaway Serbian province. John Calabrese, who serves as book review editor of The Middle East Journal, will be on set to talk about expanding relations between Iran and China and implications for US policy as the UN Security Council looks to halt Iran's nuclear enrichment program through international sanctions.

Roundtable hosts an open phones "voice of the people" program dedicated exclusively to viewers phone calls and e-mails.

Late Edition will feature a report from Paris on the International day of Rock and Roll.

NewsTalk: Elaheh Boghrat and Sohrab Sobhani will discuss the latest developments in Iran and neighboring countries, including the Turkish elections and reports that Iran continues to shell across the border into two villages in Iraq.