News & Views will have an in-depth extensive look at Turkey after Abdullah Gul's election victory. French President Sarkozy has conditioned the continuation of Turkey's membership talks with the European Union on a high level effort to define the bloc's future borders. NAV will get reaction from a freelance journalist in Ankara as well as EU's reaction to the Gul presidency from VOA stringer in Paris. Dr. Hormoz Hekmat will discuss President Bush's tough rhetoric on Iran and its implications for US foreign policy toward Tehran as Washington is becoming increasingly worried about Iran's determination to fill the power vacuum in Iraq after US troops begin to withdraw. NAV will also feature two phone interviews with Allameh University students in Tehran on recent crackdowns by Iranian authorities.

Roundtable will host economist Ahmad Taghvaie who will assess the success of privatization efforts in the Iranian economy.

Late Edition's top story will be on President Bush ratcheting up its rhetoric aimed at Tehran and accusing it of being engaged in "murderous activity" in neighboring Iraq.

Newstalk will host a discussion on Iran and recent developments in Turkey and Iraq. Journalist Alireza Nourizadeh, political analyst Mohsen Sazgara and Radio Farda stringer Ali Javanmardi will be on hand to offer their perspectives.