News & Views: A phone interview with Iranian economist Hadi Zamani in London on the sudden resignation of Iran's governor of central bank and the announcement last week of a budget deficit despite record windfall in oil revenue enjoyed by the Iranian government. French President Sarkozy said today that France was determined to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb, but held out the prospect of rewarding Tehran if it backs down. Iranian Intelligence Minister Mohsen Ezhei has vowed to clamp down on university students who he said were in contact with the US administration and seeking to topple the country's rulers. Parnaz Azima who has been trapped in Iran since January, is now facing a charge of acting against Iran's national security by working for Radio Farda.

Roundtable hosts Hossein Mehri, a political commentator with a Los Angeles-based Iranian radio station, on the current state of Iran and its political situation.

Late Edition takes a look at the Turkish presidential election and the sense of unease that the leading candidate's wife has created in the Turkish military by observing the Muslim dress code for women.

Newstalk hosts Dr. Roya Touloui, a Kurdish human rights activist, about the plight of two Kurdish journalists who are on hunger strike. Faramarz Yeganeh will talk about the mistreatment of Iranian entertainers and artists at the hand of the Iranian regime.