News & Views: The latest on US Iraq, Iran, UN Lebanon, Greece forest fire, Turkey, MidEast Violence, Afghanistan, UN Darfur. Our guests are Dr. Nourizadeh from London and Dr. Aghaii Diba on the set in Washington.

Roundtable: Topic; Iran/EU relations and the controversy over Salman Rushdie's knighthood with our guest, former Iranian ambassador to the court of St. James, Parviz Radji.

Late Edition looks at Resurgent Russia. Russia's recent resumption of strategic bomber flights is viewed by many analysts as more evidence of President Vladimir Putin's determination to build up his country's military might. The Russian leader has cited security concerns for strengthening the military, but the move also is reviving memories of the Cold War, when Moscow used its military capability to project its power. Our guest is Mr. Saeed Yahyapour, Founder of the Friendship Soccer Tournament on the 20th anniversary of the tournament to discuss the competition and its history.

NewsTalk: Topic is Iran, week in review. Guests: Mr. Ali Afshari in studio, and Mr. Jamsheed Asadi from Paris.