News & Views: Iran suggests that it may soon release Kian Tajbakhsh on the heels of Haleh Esfaniari’s release. U.S. envoy Gregory L. Schulte dismissed increased Iranian willingness to answer questions about its nuclear program as a smoke screen on Wednesday and said it would not prevent the U.N. Security Council from imposing additional sanctions on Tehran. Three female Iranian whitewater kayakers and their coach who in trouble after visiting the United States without their Iranian federation's permission. The paddlers spent over a month training at the new whitewater slalom facility in McHenry, MD this summer, receiving instruction from US coaches in a rare sporting contact between the two enemies. An interview with Human Rights specialist Elahe Hicks on ethnic minority rights in Iran.

Roundtable hosts an open phones "voice of the people" program dedicated exclusively to viewers phone calls and e-mails.

Late Edition airs a VOA package on the debate among policy analysts in Washington over the international community's next steps with regard to Iran.

NewsTalk hosts journalist/political analyst Alireza Nourizadeh and Harvard researcher Moshen Sarzgara to discuss the latest news from Iran and region.