News & Views reports on the release of jailed U.S.-Iranian hostage Haleh Esfandiari. Iran's top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani issued a warning that the future of such discussions and Iran's cooperation with the agency would be in danger if sanctions were imposed. Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns, speaking to RFE, said it’s “absolutely unacceptable logic" to suggest that a renewed Iranian willingness to work with United Nations atomic energy officials was grounds to delay a new push for sanctions against Tehran. He urged U.S. allies to crack down severely on trade with that country. Amy Myers Jaffe will joins live via remote from Houston Texas. She’s with the James Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University. Jaffe’s research focuses on the subject of oil geopolitics, strategic energy policy including energy science policy, and energy economics.

Roundtable hosts Hossein Faraji, former Persian Service reporter for Deutsche Weil, Germany's VOA equivalent. He'll discuss the latest on the release of Haleh Esfandiari others being held hostage by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Late Edition features a report on Turkey's internal politics, secularism, and party divisions in advance of its upcoming elections.

NewsTalk hosts Kayhan-London's Nasser Mohammadi and National Defense University's Fariborz Mokhtari discuss Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps.