News and Views: has the latest on Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan Germany, Turkey Hijacking, and Russia Putin. Guests for the program are Dr. Ali Reza Nouri Zadeh by phone, and Ms. Boroomand in Studio.

Roundtable: Roundtable has a discussion of events that led to the downfall of the Mossadeqh government in August 1953. Dr. Houshang Nahavandi, the former Chancellor of Tehran University and former Minister of Science and Higher Education and Empress Farah's chief of staff joins us.

Late Edition: Nader Zahab, sport analyst from Los Angeles will talk talk about Afshin Ghotbi who is an Iranian American soccer coach in Perspolis club in Tehran.

 NewsTalk: Topic: week in review. Guests of the program are Mr. Ali Afshari in studio, Dr. Mehran Barati (phoner), and Mr. Shayan Samii (LA Polycom)