News & Views leads with the latest from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's trip to Kabul. An interview with Jalil Ghani, Dari Service Managing Editor. Congressional report on the US/India civilian nuke deal. We have reax from Rep. Ed Markey, an opponent of the deal. He’s called it a “nuclear capitulation to India’s every wish,” and he’s asked for details on India’s ties with Iran. Sen. Lieberman’s trip to India and his meeting with officials there. Political analyst and South Asia expert Cyrus Saify will be live on the phone to discuss the India/Iran/Pakistan pipeline deal. A police commander of Tehran’s highway patrol said a new “Islamic” police force will be created to enforce laws on the roads.

Aminollah Habibi, An Afghan citizen graduated from University of Westminister with specialization on Islam and Democracy, currently a Fellow with UK Defense Academy joins Roundtable to discuss Iranian President Ahmadinejad's trip to Afghanistan.

Late Edition reports on the U.S.-India civilian nuclear deal.

NewsTalk discusses Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad trip to Afghanistan and the region with Kayhan-London's Nasser Mohammadi, journalist Homa Sarshar and University of Toronto's Dr. Alireza Haghighi.