News and Views: The latest on Bush Terror, Afghan Talks, Afghan Hostage situation, Iraq, US Sarkozy, US Republican Straw Poll. Guests for the program are Dr. Nourizadeh by phone and Mr. Anvari in Studio.

Roundtable: Houshang Sayhoun, joins Roundtable on set to discuss Iranian Architecture. Mr. Sayhoun is a well-known architect who has created many of Iran's landmarks such as Omar Khayam, Avi Sina and many others.

Late Edition: Religious tolerance in Britain is getting put to the test, following two attempted car bombings earlier this summer. All the suspects are Muslims. A separate protest movement by young Muslim women only adds to increased tensions between many Britons and minority Muslims.

NewsTalk: Topic will be Latest on Iran News and Foriegn policy Guests: Dr. Cyrus Amoozgar (Paris/(Phoner) and Dr. Mehrdad Khonsari (LA/Satellite)