News and Views: has the latest on US Iran, Iraq Iran, Afghanistan Hostage, Pakistan Election, India Explosion, MidEast Violence. Guests for the program are Dr. Ali Reza Nouri Zadeh by phone, Dr. Bahman Aghaii Diba in Studio. Roundtable:

Roundtable: hosts Mehrdad Khonsari who discusses Iran's foreign policy and its role in the region. Mehrdad Khonsari is a senior research consultant for the Center for Arab and Iranian Studies in London.

Late Edition: Sixty years ago this month India and Pakistan became two separate independent nations, shedding British colonial rule. But independence brought violence and tragedy, because Pakistan was carved out of what had once been a single country, to create a Muslim homeland. Ten million people in the subcontinent were uprooted from their homes and hundreds of thousands died in the upheaval. VOA's Steve Herman in New Delhi takes a look at the lingering problems resulting from Partition. Guest: is Sasan, a singer, from London.

NewsTalk: Topic: Iran: week in review ( Human Rights, Executions, Workers issues, Detension of workers). Guest in Studio is Mr. Ali Afshari, and guest by phone is Nima Rashedan journalist from Sweden.