News & Views: Pakistan stepping back from imposing emergency rule, after mounting speculation that President Pervez Musharraf was considering the move. Ravi Khanna, VOA Urdu's managing editor, comments on set. Labor unions in Canada hold a demonstration in Toronto in support of jailed Iranian labor leader Mansour Osanloo. A report from Paris where a demonstration is taking place in front of the Iranian embasy in support of Osanloo as well. An interview with Bruce Riedel, a Senior Fellow, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, Foreign Policy Studies, at the Brookings Institution, live from the Brookings studio. Riedel is an expert in Gulf security issues and will comment on Iran's impact on peace and security in the region. We’ll get an update on the recently detained journalist that worked for Rooz online. After week in prison he called home and had a one minute conversation with his mother. We interview his mother and his lawyer.

Roundtable hosts Iranian political researcher Hossein Larjavardi to discuss Iran's rash of public executions and the number of young people on death row.

Late Edition airs a VOA news piece on the Iran's growing ties in Latin America.

Mr. Hassan Mansoor, an economist from London and political science professor Shaheen Fatemi from Paris join Newstalk to discuss the latest economic news from Iran.