News & Views reports on yesterday's talks between the US and Iran in Iraq were considered “frank and serious,” thugh the Iranians pointed to US policies that strengthening terrorist groups in Iraq. The wife of former FBI agent Robert Levinson has been interviewed by ABC News after announcing her plans to travel to Iran. The State Department advised her to "weigh the risks" before going to the Islamic Republic to search for her husband. An interview with the political counselor of the Afghan embassy on the Bush/Karzai meeting. Congressional reaction to the Karzai visit. Dr. Ali Rezai via remote from the Cleveland Clinic's insert studio. Dr. Rezai's name has been in the news lately because he recently led a team of US neuroscientists in a breakthrough procedure that used deep brain stimulation to partially awaken a man who was unable to move, eat or speak for more than six years.

Roundtable hosts political analyst Alireza Nourizadeh to discuss the anniversary of the assassinations of former Prime Minister Shapour Bakthiar and entertainer Ferydoun Farokhzad.

Late Edition leads with an interview with Middle East analyst Dennis Ross on his new book , "Statecraft: And How to Restore America's Standing in the World."

NewsTalk discusses the latest surge in public executions in Iran with Kayhan London's Nasser Mohammadi and political analyst and activist Hasan Shariatmadari.