News and Views: has the latest on US Bridge, Iraq Pol. Violence, US Afghanistan, Iran Nuke, MidEast Holocaust, Lebabon Election. Guests for the program are Dr. Nouri Zadeh by phone and Mr. Hasan Massali and Mr. Anvari in Studio.

Roundtable: Ellen Laipson, President and CEO of the Stimson Center, joins Roundtable on set to discuss her perceptions on the current state of U.S.-Iranian relations.

Late Edition: President George W. Bush is scheduled to meet Afghan President Hamid Karzai Sunday and Monday (August 5th and 6th) at Camp David, the presidential retreat outside Washington. US and Afghan leaders will discuss democracy, security, other issues. Guest: Dr Navid Mostowfi on epilepsy and Cleveland Clinic breakthrough using deep brain stimulation

NewsTalk: Topic will be Latest on Iran News and Foriegn policy Guests: Dr. Cyrus Amoozgar (Paris/(Phoner) and Dr. Mehrdad Khonsari (LA/Satellite)