News & Views reports on Secretary Rice's trip to Jerusalem. An interview with Salameh Nematt, former Washington Bureau Chief of Al-Hayat International Arab Daily. Congressional report on reaction to the proposed Gulf arms sales. UN report where a vote is expected today on a Darfur resolution. Reports are that 7 criminals have been publicly hanged, and there are allegations that some of the recently detained student activists may be among these, having been charged with various crimes such as rape and robbery. Iran sentences two Kurdish journalists to death.

Roundtable hosts Dr. Hossein Baherzadeh, researcher and human rights activists on the regime's stepping up of its crack down on dissidents; unlawful executions, and the three year suspended sentence recently handed down by Iran's Judiciary against Emad Baghi, the head of the Society to Defend the Rights of Prisoners. 

Late Edition examines the progress of Iraq reconstruction.

NewsTalk hosts Mohsen Sarzegara and Alireza Nourizadeh to discuss the latest from the Rice/Gatest Middle East trip; Ahmadinejad's recent pronouncement on Iran's econony and the latest human rights problems in Iran.