News & Views reports Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice's meeting in Egypt to discuss Middle East security issues. An interview with Dr. Nader Entessar, a political science professor at the University of S. Alabama, on the U.S. arms deal to the Gulf states. House of Representative votes on the Iran Divestment Enabling Act. Tamara Wittes, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution discusses Secretary Rice and Secretary Gates' trip to the Middle East. An "Inside Iran" interview with a human rights association in Iran who recently met with parents of detained students and will discuss the student’s legal status

Lily Mazahery, a human rights attorney, joins Roundtable to discuss unlawful executions in Iran and the case of two Kurdish journalists on death row.

Late Edition explores the proposed U.S. arms deal to the Gulf state and its regional implications for Iran.

NewsTalk discusses the latest news from Iran with Dr. Hormuz Hekmat of Iran Nameh Journal and Kayhan-London's Nasser Mohammadi.