News & Views US arms deal with Gulf States and Israel as a counterbalance to Iran. A report from Congress on reaction to the deal. Deutsche Bank to quit Iran, citing spiraling costs, tells US Government it won't do business with Iran. UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown visits Washington. Mehran Barati, a University of Berlin researcher, joining us on the phone from Berlin to discuss the significance of the Bush/Brown meetings. An update on two Kurdish journalists awaiting execution in Iran. Included will be an interview with an Iranian journalist/analyst based in Rome, as well as an interview with the sister of one of the imprisoned Kurd journalists.

Roundtable hosts Mr. Sepehr Zangeneh, a teacher and researcher at Georgetown University, discusses the twilight of Ayatollah Khamenei's tenure and the machinations inside the Council of Experts in picking his successor. 

Late Edition reports on a recent American Enterprise Institute conference on divestment from Iran.

NewsTalk discusses the latest in human rights in Iran with activist Elahe Hicks, Mr. Kianoush Sanjar and Dr. Bataoul Azizpour.