News & Views reports on State Department confirmation that Secretary of State Rice will travel to the Middle East and will not attend next week's regional forum with leaders of Southeast Asian countries in Manila. Sec. Rice asserts that attending to pressing problems in the Middle East is in the interests of the entire world community. Report will also mention Karen Hughes’ announcement of a Middle East investment initiative. An interview with the State Department's point person on Iraq affairs. An Azeri-Iranian human rights activist discusses minority rights in Iran. Live report from the IAEA in Vienna on the latest agreement with Iran.

Roundtable discusses the Iran loss and Iraq victory in the Asian Soccer Cup with sports analyst Ali Sarshar and VOA's Behnood Mokri.

Late Edition's top story examines the United States economy.

NewsTalk hosts energy expert Rob Sophani and fmr. Radio Israel Persian Service Chief Menache Amir discuss latest developments with Iran and the Middle East.